Love Your Body Reusable Straws - 6 Piece Set

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Love Your Body Reusable Straws - 6 Piece Set

Stop wasting straws... and plant a tree while you are at it.

Millions plastic straws are discarded everyday in the US alone.  We are working to make this figure a bit smaller.  Our reusable straw set includes 4 beautiful food grade stainless steel straws in unique metallic finishes, a cleaning brush, and a fun travel pouch.  For every pouch purchased we will have 1 tree planted.  So you can help to reduce single use plastics, and help to clean the air we breathe at the same time!

We hope you enjoy using this product as much as we have enjoyed designing them in our sunny Savannah Georgia Studio.

Set includes:

1 Reusable cotton hand painted canvas pouch

1 Cleaning brush

2 Straight silver finish straw 8 mm X 24 cm

2 Straight rose gold finish straw 8 mm X 24 cm

Pre-order will ship October 21

 *straws are not recommended for children and are not to be used with a fixed position lid.

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